About Me

headshotThank you for letting me introduce myself. I have been a real estate agent here at Cedar Creek Lake for almost ten years. I primarily serve Henderson, Kaufman, and Van Zandt Counties, which include Cedar Creek Lake. I was born and raised just South of San Francisco, CA and worked in Southern CA, before moving to Texas about 25 years ago. I battled the snow and ice for 15 years in the Midwest where I graduated from the university with a Master’s Degree. I am a board member of the Henderson County Board of REALTORS, member of the local Kiwanis club, Chamber of Commerce, the Avanti Singers and my local church. Kiwanis support children by providing clothes, jackets, treats for holidays, medical supplies for all the school Nurse’s closets, etc. I believe in giving back to my community and supporting it with whatever talents I have.

I am married, have two grown children, several grandchildren and one great grandchild. I love working with lapidary and silver, making jewelry in my spare time. I enjoy art museums, going to plays, and listening to all manner of music, especially reggae, jazz, classical, and opera. My motto is “Helping YOU Create YOUR American Dream whether Buying, Selling or Both.” The lake is about an hour from Dallas with world class museums, concerts, educational, and theater advantages.

There is nothing like living in a resort where I am always on vacation. I love fishing and Cedar Creek Lake has good crappie, catfish, and bass fishing. The sunrises and sunsets over the water are at times breathtaking. When storms come, there is something magical and threating about the black clouds forming, the stronger winds and the waves that freeze in the bushes along the shore remind me of those Midwestern winters. This lasts a couple of days and then the sun is out and all is back to normal.

Cedar Creek Lake has a first class emergency center and ambulance service about half-hour from Athens’ ETMC hospital or an hour from Dallas with all its many medical specialties and benefits.

I look forward to helping you find this same paradise I have found. As your agent, I will work hard to meet your needs, whether they are focused on transportation, education, or access to nature. I will answer your concerns and questions and do my best to adapt my schedule to your needs so your life can continue as smoothly as possible. Call me today and I will do everything in my power to make your American Dream come as close to reality as possible.